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A Buyer’s Guide for Powder Coating Equipment

May 31, 2016

If a fledgling powder coating operation is to really make a name for itself, then that business needs to sidestep hobbyist gear and equip a suitable workshop environment with the best powder coating equipment the industry has to offer. Of course, project capacity and tool features are a subjective matter, with some successful ventures running profitable powder coating services out of cubicle-sized spaces, but quality is one factor that can't be compromised.

Avoid the Booth Configuring Blues

A rank amateur uses his garage, a space that lacks basic amenities, but the prudent business owner rents or purchases a property that's zoned for industrial usage. Large roller doors and a fully-equipped preparation station are next on the agenda, which means the floor space requires a production line, a transportation mechanism that adopts an overhead or free-standing configuration. Additionally, the booth at the heart of the process must be built from robust materials and fitted with supplementary system parts, which means bright lights, exhaust systems, and intuitively placed control panels are a key part of the setup.

Using Branded Equipment

There's a maxim that states a process is only as good as its weakest part. Well, powder coating equipment can't afford a weak component. If a top-notch powder is to become a durable finish, then rugged spray guns must partner with top-notch electrostatic power supplies. An example of a buyer's guide caveat at this point would be to check out corona discharge systems, electrostatic gear that regulates output and guarantees a uniformly applied negative charge, one that exceeds twenty kilovolts. Positive charge variants are also available, but a negative charge produces more atmospheric ionization while minimizing electrical arcs. Meanwhile, weighted spray guns with adjustable nozzles enhance powder distribution.

Proprietary Oven Technology

We shouldn't have to say this but we're going to anyway. Powder coated components cannot be finished in a domestic oven. Special curing stations bake the powder, liquefying the pigment-laden particles until they flow. Capable of applying 450°C (230°C) of sustained heat, digital circuitry carefully distributes that heat. They incorporate heating elements and infrared lamps, although direct line-of-sight is required when using infrared radiance.

After evaluating the critical stages, the details require attention. The booth and ovens, for example, need to seamlessly escort the production line from one process segment to the next, so assess them for overhead or ground-based rail transit systems. And, finally, size the powder coating equipment to match the parts entering the finishing process, but leave a little extra if business expansion is the next goal.

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