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Are There Additives Used for Powder Coating?

September 24, 2018

Powder coating additives enhance the final shell-like coating with different features and properties. There are even liquid additives, which would seem counterintuitive to what's essentially a dry process. Whatever their form, though, they control the curing finish, both in appearance and impenetrability, in several important ways. Starting with flow control additives, here's a guide to this clearly important subsector of the industry.

Flow Control Additives

Just like the label reads, this enhancement to the formula improves the flow of the powder coating as it liquidizes. Technically, the engineers who create this component refer to them as tension modifiers. The coating fluidizes and cures uniformly thanks to these compounds, and undesirable process defects, including cratering and the dreaded orange peel effect, are efficiently neutralized. Influencing flow viscosity, acrylates and silicones do merit a mention in this category as smoothness improvers.

Appearance Enhancement Supplements

This group of additives fills out what is possibly the largest category in the powder coating ingredients catalogue. Different compounds add textures or glossiness to the final result. Alternatively, there are supplementary ingredients that skip over glossiness and focus on matte coatings instead. Back with the textures, there are coarse-grained coatings, hammer-toned finishes, multi-pigmented coatings, and more. Then, improving the distribution ratio of the powders, there are special dispersants, which ensure optimal coverage.

Degassing Agents

For every troubleshooting category at the end of a powder coating booth's operator's manual, there's also an additive solution. If the process is suffering from an outgassing issue, then this compound will melt and scavenge the gas so that it doesn't impact the coating. Benzoin is a popular degassing additive. With this chemical in the mix, gas bubbles dissolve into the fluidized resin, so there's no nasty bubbling on the powder coated finish.

Durability Improving Additives

Here's a category that covers scores of different environmental and operational conditions. Stopping rust, there are chemicals that expressly improve cross-linking. They're found in tough powder coating finishes. Scratch-resistance and abrasion minimizing ingredients also fall into this category. Then there are HALS (Hindered-Amine Light Stabilizers) to prevent UV damage. In general, UV absorbers prevent clear coats and pigmented finishes from suffering under the sun.

The answer is YES, there are a host of powder coating additives on the market. There are binders and degassers, UV stabilizers and anti-static controllers, plus gloss control agents and texturizers. They work on two levels. First, they enhance the fluidization stage. Second, but just as importantly, they enhance the cured finish so that the skin is ultra-hard, environment tough, and visually attractive.

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