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Aspects that Make Powder Coating a Sustainable Option for Different Industries

January 9, 2020

Industries that revolve around painting and coating construction and other materials are now leaning towards green and sustainable practices. From using liquid or solvent-based coating, these industries have paved the path in utilising power coating as a new and improved way of coating metals and other types of products. 

Right now, powder coating is dubbed as the most sustainable coating implementation of all times. Powder coating, as the name suggests, uses powder in the form of electrically charged resins and pigments to attach themselves on an oppositely charged surface. With the help of additives, the powder coating material is now more durable and can even surpass the offerings of the conventional coating. These resins can withstand harsh elements like UV lighting, corrosion, and chemicals, all of which are known to be the common cause of wear and tear among coating.

So, what makes powder coating a sustainable option for different industries?

Excellent Finish

The elements required for making the powder coating work bring a lot of excellent properties on the table. While solvent-based coating has dominated the market for a long time, powder coating is now catching up due to the quality of the coating itself. The finish of a single powder coat is thick enough that it can last for a very long time. Moreover, applying a multiple layer of powder coating to a material result in a uniform appearance compared to other types of coating. As mentioned, the finish of the powder coating is now resistant to the elements that normally damage it.

Boosted Efficiency

Sustainability has been the recurring word in every statement and products of companies all over the world. Businesses have been looking and coming up with ways on how to help produce products without consuming a lot of time and energy. With the use of powder coating, it helps them coat a lot of materials and surfaces without spending too much power and time. Believe it or not, curing powder coating would only take a couple of minutes before the surface is fully cured. Moreover, the process of powder coating is very efficient as the excess powder can be recycled right away. This efficiency helps industries produce products faster than ever before without the need of compromising quality.

Environmentally Friendly

With the use of powder coating, it helps the planet keep off from the unwanted chemicals and pollutants that come from the solvent-based coating. Powder coating does not need to have solvents and toxic compounds to make the coating work and effective. Moreover, the powder application process does not generate toxic waste since it reuses or recycles any excess powder. Powder coating also minimises the amount of carbon and volatile organic compounds that get into the atmosphere, making it suitable for any type of application. 

Powder coating is now evident in the industries of construction and architecture, with materials such as metals, railings, louvers, furniture, and other tools utilising the properties of the said coating. If you want to know more about the wonders of powder coating, then contact us now at GP Industries. 

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