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Basic Powder Coating Equipment You Need to Help You Start Your Own Shop

March 23, 2020

Operating a business involving powder coating of industrial parts and materials can be profitable, given that this specific industry has been booming every year due to the rising demand. 

Powder coating is a method of coating wherein a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin is electrostatically sprayed onto the surface of a material. Most of the time, materials that are powder coated resemble a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish that certainly lasts for a long time.

The whole powder coating application benefit business owners who provide this type of coating. The processing time of powder coating is significantly reduced compared to other coating applications. The operational costs are also decreased by a huge percentage, making the powder coating process cheap. Powder coating also does not pose health hazards to operators and danger to the environment since its powders don’t have any harmful elements and pollutants. 

Given these benefits, powder coating would surely benefit you a lot. To finally start your own powder coating shop, you must purchase the following products and equipment. 

Spraying Equipment

Since you will be engaging in the powder coating industry, you must purchase a spraying equipment that can accommodate the volume of parts you expect to produce. Your spraying equipment must have a booth in which the parts will be coated and spray guns that will perform the spraying action of powder. This machine must have adequate ventilation and exhaust ducts in accordance with the guidelines set by the authorities. 

Curing Oven

The same with spraying equipment, your curing oven must be able to hold the volume of parts you expect to coat with powder. If you will be producing small parts, then you might only need to buy a small batch oven. On the other hand, powder coating auto bodywork or large parts would require you a larger oven like a walk-in oven. Regardless of the curing oven size, you are required to have a tub that you can fill with solvent to clean parts. A drying area should also be cleared out for you to hang newly cured parts.

Powder Coating Materials

Once you have purchased the spraying equipment and curing oven, it is time for you to find the correct powder coating pigments and other related materials. Keep in mind that the mixing of pigments is usually not practiced unless the pigments will revolve around shades of black, white, grey, and cream. So, if your client wants to acquire a custom shade, then you are required to purchase and pick the right colour for the job. Other materials needed are solvents for cleaning, masking accessories for covering uncoated areas, and paint strippers. 

Acquiring these pieces of equipment, suitable premises and required licenses and permits can easily help you start and build your powder coating business. If you want to know more about running a powder coating business, you can always contact us at GP Industries. We are always available to assist clients with powder coating enquiries and requests.

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