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Beneficial Features of Powder Coating Curing Ovens

July 27, 2018

When their features are stripped away, all that's left is a box that cures powder coated parts. But what if someone has an about-face, a desire to view the trimmings and extra features? In all honesty, there's more to a state-of-the-art curing oven than an aptitude for powder fluidizing and setting. For instance, this block of curing tech is loaded with advanced thermal management features, which invariably ensure consistent results.

Thermal Management Benefits

To call one of these high-performance units an "oven" feels like a misrepresentation. Curing ovens don't cook, they fluidize the pigmented powder until the fine coating is transformed into a molten film. Keeping the temperature absolutely level inside the curing enclosure, the film cools and sets. Digitally enforced thermal tolerances ensure repeatable and consistent results, all while process productivity figures rise.

What about Atmospheric Regulation?

Powder coating ovens apply heat in a very consistent manner. Fueled by gas or powered by electricity, intelligent air convection units distribute the heat and air, which leads to a uniformly dispersed thermal envelope. Meanwhile, the curing cycle begins its second job. A solenoid snaps open, the fans switch to a second mode of operation, and free-floating VOCs are sucked out of the curing oven. Granted, powder coating technology already reduces the production of Volatile Organic Compounds, so the purge cycle is only there ensure the process meets any state-mandated emissions codes.

Pushing the Features List Further

Modern powder coating ovens use refined fuels and energy-efficient power sources. There are cleverly designed heating elements in their walls, plus direct-strike infra-red curing systems. For the very best-in-class appliances, system builders opt for hybrid units, which combine different technologies to ensure maximum thermal dispersal and absorbance. Special steel plates line their inner surfaces. They're mounted to improve the internalised energy envelope. Combined with the digital temperature controls, the cycling fan management system, and the programmable interface, many customisable user configurations can be locked into each oven's feature set.

While the insulated boxes look alike, apart from the dimensions of their cubic curing spaces, they're very different beasts. One unit could be programmed to alter its fan cycle, with another using different melt/setting temperatures. On top of these custom-set features, there are accessories on hand to separate their functions. Different insulation plates are fittable, as are the rail-provided floors that transport the powder treated workpieces. Then there are programmable temperature controllers, thermostats with data recording features, automated doors, and powered atmospheric exhausters to consider. All in all, the beneficial features of a powder coating oven go way beyond thermal aptitude.

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