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Benefits of Powder Coating Anodized Aluminium Extrusions

October 10, 2018

Straight to the point, then, what is anodizing? Used on aluminium parts, this electrochemical process deposits a protective oxide layer. That coating looks attractive because it's essentially transparent. Utilized by many as a powerful post-production solution, the technology even adds different colours. However, when anodized aluminium extrusions come to mind, at any rate, powder coating technology is the superior solution.

The Drawbacks: Anodized Aluminium Extrusions

Under Benign Conditions, where there's no chemicals or water around, anodized extrusions can last forever, even if that coating is thin. A scratch, however, will expose the base metal. Still, if the metal is located in some chemically neutral locale, there's a good chance this corrosion resistant alloy will last for many years. What we're maybe forgetting is this: there are few truly benign locations left on our planet. Salty sea air rusts metals. Even inland, urban pollution mixes with slightly acidic rain to act as a corrosion accelerator.

Overcoming the Moderately Capable Factor

Again, in what's rapidly becoming a myth, there aren't many truly environmentally neutral places left on the globe. Anodized aluminium extrusions can last for years, but that's assuming the conditions are perfectly ideal. If there are chemicals in the air, and there are because cars emissions are everywhere, then the life expectancy of anodized aluminium extrusion parts drops. Moderately capable and moderately protective, well, that feature isn't enough, not today. By powder coating the lightweight extrusions, more colours and textures become available. Better yet, though, the geometrically shaped rods of metal gain a superior layer of long-lasting material protection.

Specifically Targeted Benefits

Aluminium extrusions are expected to function in countless commercial and industrial applications. They're installed in equipment racks, in electronic cabinets, workshop tables, automotive subassemblies, and more. Anodizing, an electrochemical process, transforms the top layer of the metal. If the extrusions are dented or dinged, then the damage impacts the part directly. Granted, that finish is regarded as a moderately adept scratch and abrasion shield, but the damage is still experienced by the actual part. With powder coating, an impermeable membrane cures around the entire shaped rod, so those dents and scratches cannot impact the underlying aluminium alloy.

While capable, anodized aluminium extrusions operate as partially transformed constructs. Basically, this is a controlled corrosion process, with the electrolyte-converted aluminium oxide layer providing a moderately powerful shield. Powder coating technology, however, goes the extra mile by adding a separate but inseparable membrane, one that performs as a finer chemical shield. And, even when the extrusions application area isn't in a chemically active locale, there really are chemicals everywhere today, floating free as pollutant clouds.

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