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Benefits of the Powder Recovery System

September 28, 2017

If you are a manufacturing company that prides itself on a high quality finished product then you likely have become familiar with powder coating. Powder coating is the act of applying a powder finish to your product in order to raise its durability, improve on its aesthetic appeal, and reduce your own carbon footprint. While powder coating is an industry standard operation, and relatively affordable as a result, there are still ways to focus on getting more bang for your buck. That is why today we are going to talk about the Powder Recovery System and how it can positively impact your business.

What is the Powder Recovery System?

When you have your powder coating operation in full swing you are inevitably going to lose a percentage of your powder. This powder misses its mark and ends up becoming what we call 'overspray'. Overspray of your material causes you to lose efficiency, lose material, and lose money as a result. An efficient business, particularly one that wants to be aware of its own impact on the environment, will understand the value in recycling, and saving money. That is where the Powder Recovery System comes into play. The Powder Recovery System has a primary function of collecting all of the overspray material in order to recycle it in order to use a second time through. The powder is collected, filtered, and made suitable once again for use. There are two types of collectors within the Powder Recovery System:

1. Cyclone Collectors

The input of a Cyclone Collector is attached to your booth while the output is hooked up to an exhaust fan. The overspray powder is funneled through the fan and into a centrifugal force where it is made ready for usage once again. Recovery of overspray powder with the Cyclone Collector can reach efficiency as high as 95%. In cases of large recovery ventures efficiency can drop down to about 85% at the low end of the spectrum. This is a popular recovery method for powder coating systems that rely on colour changes.

2. Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge filters operate on the same concept as the Cyclone Collectors but in different functionality. Cartridge collectors replace the exhaust fan above with actual cartridges that have filters built into their body. The collected powder is pulled through the cartridge and filtered appropriately. Cartridge filters are more hands on as they run the risk of becoming clogged at a higher rate. However, when a cartridge collector is operating as it should the filter will reach a peak recycling efficiency of 99%.

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