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Blog 2016


Is It Possible to Powder Coat Chrome Materials?

December 12, 2016

It's difficult to maintain a peel-free chrome coating, especially when salt-heavy air and abrasive weather conditions corrupt that fine sheen. Unfortunately, it's hard to powder coat this slick plating. Mud won't adhere to the coating, so why would a powder coating? But, as ever, there are ways around this obstacle if you're willing to make a few sacrifices…

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Pre-Treatment Process of Materials before Powder Coating

December 9, 2016

A workpiece moving towards a powder coating booth will have to make a quick U-turn if it's not pre-treated. That's right, parts that haven't passed a preparation stage can't experience the full power of an electrostatic bay, not unless they're already in virginal condition. Here's what needs to happen before a part is exposed to powder technology, a look at the pretreatment process of materials before the powder coating process engages…

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How Are Powder Coatings Manufactured?

November 18, 2016

Let's concentrate on powder coating manufacturing today by taking a look at how the resins and additives mix to create the protective coating. The hypothetical manufacturing facility we're taking a walk through obviously knows all the ins and outs of the medium, so their tech-speak is all about resins and flow additives, but we're looking beyond these ingredients…

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Determining Powder Coating Thickness and Tolerance

November 8, 2016

Professionally applied powder finishes use electrostatic technology and uniformly heated ovens to armour parts. In order to form that protective barrier, the equipment needs to be configured so that adequate surface coverage is assured, for under-coverage problems will starve the curing stage of free-flowing resin. Likewise, over-coverage headaches carry their own set of issues…

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The Importance of Good Contamination Control in Powder Coating Facilities

October 27, 2016

In order to execute a high-quality finish, one that's robust and all-encapsulating, a diligently operated powder coating business needs more than the right equipment. Sure, branded gear goes a long way to ensuring an inviolable seal, but several mediums require monitoring when the process begins…

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Aluminium Extrusion Powder Coating Process

October 17, 2016

A strong union is created when extruded aluminium experiences the finishing power of a contemporary powder coating process. The intricately shaped rods have been manufactured according to enhanced engineering guidelines, as dictated by the latest and greatest architectural principles, but they form a companionable amalgam when they're exposed to dry coating technology…

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What You Need To Know About Industrial Gas Convection and Infra-Red Ovens

September 26, 2016

Industrial ovens have different aspirations when they're employed in a powder coating setting. They still radiate immense amounts of thermal energy within their insulated alcoves, but the goal is to cure the resin adhering to a metal part, not to cook an evening meal…

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Powder Coating Equipment Basic Maintenance Guide

September 13, 2016

Powder coating equipment is technologically advanced, but the gear does require regular maintenance if it's to function at peak efficiency. Otherwise, compressor filters clog, the dry powder becomes polluted, and the finish is corrupted. And this is only one example of what can go wrong when a basic maintenance program is ignored…

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Safety and Environmental Advantages of Powder Coating versus Wet Paint

August 31, 2016

It's hard to argue against dry coating technology when it comes to plain-to-see results. The tough shell is mechanically adept and weatherproof, after all, so it's already winning the powder coating versus wet paint battle in terms of superior performance features…

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The Importance of Design Precision and Quality in Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturing

August 12, 2016

Generic tools are picked up for a pocketful of dollars when a business venture aims low. The likely setup incorporates a vehicle, a pile of paint cans, and some fair-to-middling brushes. A precision-imbued powder coating operation sidesteps this amateurish business model…

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How Can Powder Coating Benefit Consumers and Businesses?

July 25, 2016

Inquiries that cover the merits of powder coating technology have diligently covered the technique's environmental benefits. We've reinforced this feature by describing the imperturbable nature of the shell-like finish, its non-corrosive and weatherproofing attributes…

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Types of Powder Coat and Its Components

June 15, 2016

As we've dutifully painted our picture of powder coat technology, we've layered our discussion with information on powder coating equipment. Now, though, it's time to turn the spotlight onto the powdery medium, the finely ground pellets that release pigments and texture…

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Significance of Temperature Settings in Powder Coating Ovens

June 28, 2016

Powder coating ovens liquidise specially formulated powders, transforms the hue and texture-laden granules into a free-flowing film that cures to become a durable shell-like skin…

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The Importance of Monitoring Compressed Air Quality in Powder Coating

June 17, 2016

Air compressors are an established workshop tool. Indeed, they're the essential generators of gaseous power for our finest pneumatic tools. Unfortunately, as valuable as these pressurized air sources are, they're also members of an inherently dirty mechanical family…

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A Buyer's Guide for Powder Coating Equipment

May 31, 2016

If a fledgling powder coating operation is to really make a name for itself, then that business needs to sidestep hobbyist gear and equip a suitable workshop environment with the best powder coating equipment the industry has to offer…

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Common Causes and Prevention of Paint Failure in Powder Coating

May 18, 2016

In establishing powder coating technology as an exceptional turn-key finishing service, we've gone some ways towards covering the benefits of the technology. It creates a durable shell, is environmentally friendly, and that colourful finish won't weather or corrode…

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Basic Guide to Powder Coating Ovens

April 29, 2016

We've approached the powder coating process from different angles, taken note of the durable nature of the finish and its environmentally-friendly aspects. Now, having described the electrostatic cycle, let's evaluate the end stage, the powder coating ovens that cure the powder. …

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Powder Coating: The Importance of Contamination Control and Humidification

April 15, 2016

As the powder coating industry sails forward, it's buoyed by an untainted reputation, one that promotes a shell-like finish. The process adds durability to products, weatherproofs them and wraps these pleasing benefits in an attractive finish that can assume any colour or texture…

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Powder Coating Equipment: Best Results without the Need for Liquid Paints

March 31, 2016

There's no real desire to attack traditional liquid paints, but the fact remains, powder coating equipment offers versatility, a better workflow, and a superior physical finish when compared with solvent-based coatings…

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Powder Coating

What are the Benefits of Custom Powder Coating?

March 15, 2016

A handful of factors dominates the powder coating industry. We speak of the strength of the process, the ability to form an unbreakable barrier around a component, say an engine part…

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Powder Coating

Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturer in Victoria: Quality Engineering Design at Its Best

February 29, 2016

When it comes to a powder coating equipment manufacturer, you want the very best. Not only do you need assurance in stability and robustness but a quality engineering design is essential. One of the best and innovative companies in Bayswater, Victoria is G.P. Industries Pty Ltd. They are highly proficient is consultancy, manufacturing, engineering design, repairing and servicing a large variety of machinery…

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Turn-Key Powder Coating System

What is Turn-Key Powder Coating System?

February 17, 2016

There's an intimidation factor to consider when you begin a new business. You've leveraged loans and started the work, but the results are obscured by multiple production streams. The product or service has to be manufactured…

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Tips in Choosing the Right Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturer for Your Business

January 29, 2016

A cavalier approach to selecting the best powder coating equipment manufacturer is like taking a shot in the dark. You'll be advised to pick the best equipment for your budget, to always opt for branded gear and high-quality electrostatic tools…

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Choosing the Right Powder Coating Gun System for Accuracy and Quality

January 19, 2016

They may look futuristic but the guns used in the powder coating industry serve a modern purpose, although that purpose is literally futuristic when compared with traditional paint sprays.

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