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Blog 2018

Important Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Ordering Your Powder Coating Oven

December 13, 2018

To pull off the best possible results, novice powder coating businesses need access to state-of-the-art curing ovens. All things considered, this is the biggest investment a new company can make.

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Appearance Issues: What Happens When a Powder Coating Equipment is Already Failing?

December 12, 2018

Quality control issues on powder coating production lines have been known to cause long periods of equipment downtime. An appearance issue, according to the quality control report, has spread through a new batch of workpieces, and the management guys are worried the blemishes indicate a deeper problem. What's their next move? Assuming the workpiece is untainted, the cause of the appearance issue seems equipment related.

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Powder Coating Turn-Key Coating Solutions: How Can it Help Manufacturers?

November 22, 2018

Manufacturers don't have time stop and wait for their business partners to match pace. Manufacturers also expect results right there and then, not weeks from when a service was commisioned. What production companies do desire is a simple but elegant solution to a complex set of instructions. In the powder coating sector, that desire is answered by a turn-key solution that's bound to attract prospective industrial clients.

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Safety Measures When Powder Coating Materials

November 7, 2018

Just like any other equipment-loaded manufacturing environment, there are hazards to be aware of when the powder coating process gets up to speed. The energy-intensive curing furnace generates heat, which can burn a rashly placed hand. The powder coating materials add a whole other level of danger to the equipment line, though. Those special coating mediums are indeed typically non-toxic, yet they can cause respiratory problems.

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How to Maintain Powder Coated Surfaces

October 24, 2018

Undeniably tough and long-lasting, there are few outside barrages that can impact a powder coated surface. Time, however, is one such assailant, one that can't be avoided. Imagine this scenario: a seaside resort has several attractive powder coated products on display. Salt is accumulating on the objects, and they're starting to show signs of wear.

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Benefits of Powder Coating Anodized Aluminium Extrusions

October 10, 2018

Straight to the point, then, what is anodizing? Used on aluminium parts, this electrochemical process deposits a protective oxide layer. That coating looks attractive because it's essentially transparent. Utilized by many as a powerful post-production solution, the technology even adds different colours. However, when anodized aluminium extrusions come to mind, at any rate, powder coating technology is the superior solution.

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Are There Additives Used for Powder Coating?

September 24, 2018

Powder coating additives enhance the final shell-like coating with different features and properties. There are even liquid additives, which would seem counterintuitive to what's essentially a dry process. Whatever their form, though, they control the curing finish, both in appearance and impenetrability, in several important ways. Starting with flow control additives, here's a guide to this clearly important subsector of the industry.

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Reasons Why Powder Coating Can Bubble, Crack, and Peel Off

September 13, 2018

Like a bad case of skin rash, the powder coating is peeling off a workpiece. The exposed material underneath is going to corrode if the cause of the application defect isn't determined. Bringing the line to a halt, the equipment is on pause. The clock is ticking. What's making the normally unbreakable membrane crack? What's the root cause of the bubbling and peeling effect?

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The Importance of Engineering Design in Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturing

August 27, 2018

As a whole-system process, powder coating technology consistently produces chip and scratch resistant finishes, which are also extraordinarily attractive. Imagine that eminently serviceable configuration on a node-to-node scale. Tightening a critical eye on a single piece of equipment, it's clear that those results are heavily influenced by equipment manufacturers, who use cutting-edge engineering design mastery to maintain a high level of end-quality finesse.

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Maintenance Tips for Powder Coated Metals

August 13, 2018

Batch processed or sourced from a handful of custom-made components, powder coating technology continues to strengthen all kinds of items. The parts exude visual appeal. And, to the touch, they're impervious to damage.

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Beneficial Features of Powder Coating Curing Ovens

July 27, 2018

When their features are stripped away, all that's left is a box that cures powder coated parts. But what if someone has an about-face, a desire to view the trimmings and extra features? In all honesty, there's more to a state-of-the-art curing oven than an aptitude for powder fluidizing and setting. For instance, this block of curing tech is loaded with advanced thermal management features, which invariably ensure consistent results.

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Benefits of Turnkey Powder Coating Equipment for Businesses

July 12, 2018

Powder coating equipment lines assemble with remarkable ease. The gear's modular configurations just seem to snap together like building blocks. What many shop owners might not realize is this: turnkey powder coating operations benefit businesses. They serve enterprising clients very well indeed. Taking into account the ever-changing demands of the industrial and commercial sector, end-to-end solutions scale and adapt to constantly meet all productivity-oriented customer needs.

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Purposes of Dry-Off Oven in Powder Coating

June 26, 2018

A dry-off oven is solidly planted at the start of the powder coating line. Is that strange? If ovens are intended to cure and fuse the powder, then shouldn't this big box be located at the end of the process line? Not at all, for dry-off ovens aren't designed to heat and melt electrostatically charged particles. No, these modular fireboxes are built to satisfy an entirely different purpose.

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Purposes of Stainless Steel Powder Coating Booths

June 8, 2018

Stainless steel is a remarkably versatile alloy. It's mechanically strong, obviously, and unaffected by oxidizing agents. Used in kitchens and catering establishments, stainless steel doesn't allow bacterial growths any purchase. Finally, it's an easy to clean metal. On transferring those benefits to powder coating booths, the industry gains a whole lot of material benefits.

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Powder Coating Pretreatment Equipment Supplier in Melbourne

May 29, 2018

Just for a minute, turn away from the spray booth. Relocate to the room where the workpieces are being prepped. Just by looking at the pretreatment equipment in here, you can tell this is an essential part of the operation. To cut a long story short, if a Melbourne-based powder coating shop ever hopes to produce high-quality powder coated parts, it needs a first-rate equipment setup.

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Overhead Conveyor and Turn Key System: Safety and Accuracy in Powder Coating

May 11, 2018

A turnkey powder coating system has found its place on a factory floor. There are plastic curtains separating the pre-processing room. In the main processing area, a specially vented booth is engaged in a coating operation. From booth to curing oven, the train of moving workpieces glides forward, all thanks to an overhead conveyor system. Watching this clockwork-precise process, a momentarily unoccupied team member ponders safety issues.

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Powder Coating for Aluminium Extrusions

April 26, 2018

The process of aluminium extrusion is one that has found itself a home within many industries in the world. From the automotive industry to the International Space Station, and everything in between, employing the process of aluminium extrusion has been found to be not just ideal, but essential. The process of aluminium extrusion is one that clings to all of the scientific and technical progress that has been made within the engineering field.

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Electrocoating: Understanding How It Really Works

April 13, 2018

Electrocoating technology is usually described in a vague manner. That's just the way experts think. They describe the electrical charge, the vat full of paint, and the post-process rinse tank. What if someone needs more details? In that case, clarification is required. How does the process really work? Well, it all begins with the pretreatment room, a series of operations that assures the establishment of a paint-attracting electrical charge.

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Improving Uniform Transfer Efficiency of Powder Coating Guns

March 29, 2018

Electrostatic spray guns rely on a delicate balance. Pressure variables and particulate flow rates dominate that relationship. Check out the tubes entering the handle. There's a powder feed line there, plus an electrical cable. An air compressor hose is in the mix, too. As the gun is triggered, pressurized air fires the balanced powder load towards a grounded workpiece. Measured in terms of uniform transfer efficiency, the system is in a state of equilibrium.

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What is Batch System in Powder Coating?

March 20, 2018

Production lines are complicated beasts. In an ideal world, a line of products zips through the factory, one at a time, before arriving at the finishing room. But this isn't an ideal world, and that approach, well, it can be slow. What if the shop, a powder coating shop, uses a batch processing system instead of this linear mode of operation? Let's check out that group or stack treatment method.

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Early Signs of Powder Equipment Fatigue and Breakdown

February 28, 2018

Troubleshooting guides are tough to master. The operator follows repair procedures, or maybe the entire team adopts a trial-and-error approach. Either way, the process is usually gruelling. For that reason, we're going to make it a little easier to follow. Let's test out that straightforward approach path on this powder coating problem. The equipment is breaking down, the repairs are costing the company a fortune, and we need solutions.

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Cost Effectiveness of Choosing Powder Coat versus Wet Paint

February 14, 2018

If you've got a fabrication job where longevity and durability are paramount, you likely will want to have the right finish for your product. Whether you are creating kitchen equipment or HVAC gear, or likely something in between, quality and durability are going to be aspects you focus on. This leads us to look at powder coating vs wet paint as a finish for your product.

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Heat Tolerance of Powder Coating: How Much Can It Take?

January 30, 2018

Powder coating work relies on procedural mastery. One stage leads inexorably to the next, so start with the prep work. Cleaned and prepped, the electrostatic coating phase is initiated, then the workpiece enters the curing oven. On top of those systematically regulated operations, there are critical processing tolerances to address. Do you see an example of tight-gap process control? We can, right there in the curing oven.

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Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusions

January 15, 2018

Amongst the many aluminium extrusion finishing methods, powder coating technology is recognized as the superior solution. Pick up a pair of safety goggles and watch the intricately profiled objects pass through the powder treatment booth. Even though those long rods have a complex cross-sectional core, the coating medium somehow finds its way into every crevice and sharp turn. Let's restart the equipment and really examine the process.

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