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Important Pre-treatment Tips for Powder Coating Aluminium

February 14, 2020

Powder coating is one of the few options in coating products made out of metal. You see, powder coating is the electrostatic application of fine ground dry paint film to the surface of a metal like aluminium and others.

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The Critical Role of Dry-Off Oven in Turn Key Powder Coating System

January 25, 2020

There are a lot of ways in providing metal products some colour and coating. One of the most common ways is to coat them with special paints. However, a rising way in colouring metal products is through powder coating. This type of coating is proven to provide long-lasting and tough final finish to the products.

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Aspects that Make Powder Coating a Sustainable Option for Different Industries

January 9, 2020

Industries that revolve around painting and coating construction and other materials are now leaning towards green and sustainable practices. From using liquid or solvent-based coating, these industries have paved the path in utilising power coating as a new and improved way of coating metals and other types of products.

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