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Common Issues of Metallic Powder Coating

February 14, 2019

Metallic powder coating techniques add a polished glossy shine to workpiece surfaces. A dulled motorcycle exhaust looks factory fresh when it's coated in a chrome-like finish.

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Powder Coating Gun Settings: How It Can Affect Powder Coat Finish

January 31, 2019

Where's the fingertip controlled leading edge of a powder coating operation located? Does it take place at the oven, where the adhering powder melts? No, although the temperature controlled oven does contribute heavily as a coating quality conferrer, it doesn't actually apply the powder coating.

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Turn Key Powder Coating Equipment: Customised Solution for All Powder Coating Needs

January 15, 2019

As a review, turnkey powder coating systems earn that title by including every process-completing piece of machinery. From the powder coating booths and electrostatic power sources to the fluidizing and curing ovens, a full-solution package must include those key application and finishing nodes.

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