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Choosing the Best Powder Equipment Manufacturer for Your Business

November 9, 2015

Quality has always been a compelling part of the decision-making process when it comes to new business ventures. In the case of powder finishing, a top powder equipment manufacturer does indeed delivers a high-quality service, but it's a service that's supported by a passion for going the extra mile. This includes the basics, the planning of space for the current operation, advice on buying bigger rigs should expansion be part of the mission plan, and guides on affordable solutions that deliver a consistently professional finish.

Proper Facility Management Equals Superior Finishes

Affordable ovens and quality gear from the best brands are explained in detail by a dedicated manufacturer. Why should this extra work be part of the day-to-day exertions of an enterprising powder coating supplier? Well, a coating business can't just be set up in a suburban garage on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There are issues that need to be attended to, prep work that includes the purchase of more than a pair of spray guns. The object is configure the space as a high-functioning facility, one that's outfitted with electrostatic charging units, grounding assemblies, a sizable oven, and a layout that maximizes workflow. Additionally, it's hoped that the manufacturer in question will take the time to sit down and answer all of those tough little questions that trouble nascent powder coating endeavours, such as environmental concerns.

In Choosing Knowledgeable Powder Coating Partners

The gold star label pinned to the dry finish process promises an environmentally friendly product, one that's tough, weatherproof, and beautiful. Still, there's no substitute for experience and knowledge. A conscientious powder equipment manufacturer adheres to this principle and uses this experience to tailor the purchased equipment to your business application. A company representative extols the virtues of the equipment, but he also backs up these promises with actions, perhaps pulling out a portfolio of past projects to show off the quality of recent work. No corners are cut in the selection of the gear. And, if you don't ask yourself the following questions, you can be sure the representative will. For example, how many parts are being sprayed per day? How tough does the finish need to be? Is weatherproofing a key component in the process, or does durability that comes first?

Select the largest oven you can if productivity and larger parts are being processed, but reduce the footprint of the equipment if you're applying a finish to a wheel hub or other small vehicle parts. And, at the end of the day, make sure your powder equipment manufacturer works for you, because your layout is only as efficient as the weakest link, your cheapest or best branded powder gun, electrostatic charger, and so on.

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