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Common Causes and Prevention of Paint Failure in Powder Coating

May 18, 2016

In establishing powder coating technology as an exceptional turn-key finishing service, we've gone some ways towards covering the benefits of the technology. It creates a durable shell, is environmentally friendly, and that colourful finish won't weather or corrode. Of course, we take pride in creating an ideal processing environment, but other facilities aren't as conscientious. Let's look at what happens when a substandard service is employed (Hint: Not one of our services)

Common Failure Causes Defined

If the part to be coated is dirty, then the electrostatic charge is attenuated. The resulting coating won't uniformly cover the object. The result is poor surface coverage. Next, the chemicals in the powder need to be formulated by a leading brand, one that promotes mechanical toughness and visual appeal. And, on moving away from the powder for one moment, that same promise applies to pretreatment. Special strippers and cleaners wash away traces of grime and corrosion, so, if those cleaners aren't sourced from a reputable agent, then there's no way to guarantee a properly pretreated surface. The pretreatment stage and the powder coating product must, therefore, be validated before turning to curing. Finally, the curing temperature of the powder and the thermal characteristics of the heated oven enter the mix, posing a problem for all but the professional technician.

Preventing Paint Failure

The key to avoiding all of these coat-depreciating scenarios is to know the powder product, the pretreatment methods, and the ins-and-outs of the finishing technique, including the gun and curing stage. Application errors can be corrected by knowing the gun's specifications. Use the right powder for a part and know the details of its usage domain. In addition, a start-as-you-mean-to continue philosophy always acts as a good foundation. Clean the object with a sand-blasting station or use a strong stripping agent, a chemical cleaner, but remember this is an environmentally friendly workflow, so be careful when selecting this corrosive cleaning substance.

Potential failures are daunting events, instances that jeopardize the quality of a powder coating venture. The best solution is to begin from the bottom and build on a high-quality base. Pretreatment must be done with a reliable ejection of all foreign matter. Similarly, all equipment should align with this five-star treatment method, meaning, guns and charging equipment should be sourced properly and designed to deliver optimal coverage, leaving the uniform heat distribution of an air and heat dispersing oven to properly cure the ruggedly beautiful coating.

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