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How Can Powder Coating Benefit Consumers and Businesses?

July 25, 2016

Inquiries that cover the merits of powder coating technology have diligently covered the technique's environmental benefits. We've reinforced this feature by describing the imperturbable nature of the shell-like finish, its non-corrosive and weatherproofing attributes. The benefits continue in this manner, but they begin to feel a bit abstract after a while. What's needed is something that targets the bottom line. One advantage that obviously appeals to consumers and business owners, alike, is the turnkey model. Basically, every element can be started and completed in a short period of time within the confines of a garage-sized facility. But there are other perks we should know of here, so let's move out of the abstract and into the concrete world of profit-oriented commercial trading.

Automotive production lines and the construction industry both now employ the powder coating process as a key part of their work cycle. Engine parts are coated in this way, as are fence posts. Still, on setting our sights a little lower, consumers and small businesses are also buying into the technology. Small appliances are replacing scratched enamel with textured powder finishes. Meanwhile, back out in those garage-sized setups, keen new business owners’ work in tandem with machine shops to put chrome veneers on motorcycle frames and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) parts. The environmentally friendly features may not tangibly touch the bottom line, at least not directly, but the above benefits really do directly satisfy the current financial climate.

New marketing plans pop up all the time as fresh-faced business owners apply for loans and shop for business premises. Once upon a time, it was just a case of getting the loan, moving into the building, and starting to spray paint everything in sight. Those same marketing plans now deal with added scrutiny, as the loan officer and the environmental study group assesses the merits of the business plan. Thankfully, a powder coating business plan only has room to grow, and there are few obstacles to this growth. The oven, electrostatic rig, and spray guns all comply with modern health and safety laws. Next, the market is right there, in black and white or any textured range of colours that may be called upon by the customer. And it's a market that encompasses everything, every product from a farmer's muddy tractor to a weekend warrior's dented old metal toolbox.

As small business ventures focus on weatherproof fences and car parts, consumer-oriented products will grow layers of powder-finished coatings, tough membranes that won't chip when an active household does what's natural by breaking the items in with a flurry of cooking and garage work.

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