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How the Right Powder Coating Equipment and Powder Coating Application Can Help Avert Corrosion and Rust

October 8, 2019

When you need a non-corrosive surface finish, a coating that's both tough and visually appealing, powder coating technology has the anti-corrosive solution you need. Without wishing to sound too much like an infomercial, the dry coating does use an array of smart equipment types, all of which are designed to provide protection against oxidizing environments. Right from the get-go, the right gun nozzles and electrostatic power supplies assure universal surface coverage.

Planting the Seeds of Oxidized Destruction

Ordinarily, a turnkey powder coating operation creates impermeable workpiece skins by fine-tuning the booth settings. The guns and electrostatic power settings are adjusted so that nasty pinhole defects and orange peel mishaps are eliminated. All the same, there's always the possibility of a hidden defect to contend with during the work. For instance, Faraday Effect discontinuities could occur in a recessed interior corner. Sure, that defect won't hurt the surface appeal of the piece, so its glossy coating will pass with flying colours, but there's still a corrosion weakness hidden deep inside. If rust appears on a marine equipment part's inner surface, the briny air will only encourage the oxidizing spread. At some point, the corrosion will spread to an exposed surface or undermine the equipment's functional workings.

Providing Marine-Grade Oxidization Protection

Powder coating services, those who've survived for years by providing fully rust protected finishes, aren't exactly uncommon. Granted, there are probably one or two specialist marine-grade operations out there, but this technology does regularly create sealed skins. To really incorporate this service promise, to create a corrosion assurance listing on a company mission statement and all of their company advertisements, there's just a little fine-tuning to carry out. For one thing, the powder coating service in question must purchase top-of-the-line gear. Back at that booth, high-quality powders uniformly coat plain and complex surfaces with defect-free layers of coloured or translucent grains. The gear is checked each time, so the settings cancel out pinprick discontinuities and Faraday coverage issues too. From here, the curing oven uses a mix of convection air currents and high-quality furnace elements to ensure full powder fluidization and air-generated cooling.

Everything is taken care of by the right powder coating equipment. Sure, there are industry defects that can occur, but they're not allowed to exist when a corrosion-proof feature is demanded by a client. In truth, even if rust protection isn't a priority, the work routinely integrates this attribute anyway. Again, the best way to assure an oxidization immune part's skin is to recruit top-of-the-line powder coating gear, which will guarantee a uniform, defect-free initial finish. A fluidization-controllable curing oven is also highly desirable here, too.

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