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How to Judge a Perfect Powder Finish: What Should You Look For?

July 17, 2017

Visually speaking, a workpiece that displays a perfect powder finish looks like it's covered in a second skin. The uninterrupted membrane hugs every turn, every contour, and it glows with textured colour. But did you know those styling good looks go beyond skin deep aesthetics? Designed to create a long lasting shell, this finish lasts, but it takes more than an appreciative eye to judge that durability feature.

Operating Skin Deep Powder Finish Assessments

On referring back to the opening statement, those good looks are important, plus they provide clues when the process is flawed. Wrinkles and bubbles, flaking and cratering issues, all of these visual imperfections indicate curing defects and general process aberrations. A trained eye and a seasoned hand quickly troubleshoot these issues. Likewise, an over or under coverage glitch provides a solid clue as to where the problem lies. This time the troubleshooting work leapfrogs the curing oven and lands at the powder application cubicle. Perhaps the electrostatic equipment is performing below expectations. On the other hand, maybe the pre-process work hasn't fully scoured the workpiece clean.

Judging a Perfect Powder Finish

Uniformity is the gold standard here, especially when the workpiece is geometrically complex. The colour and texture should flow evenly into every eccentric surface and indented feature on the subject piece. No red flag errors should be in evidence, like the orange peel problem that troubles less experienced powder coat operations. In effect, that inviolable surface coating should fit like a glove, one that coats thick enough to ward off any impacts and any weathering effects. Incidentally, the finish can't be applied too thickly, because over coverage tendencies can interfere with part's function. Equipment voltage adjustments guarantee adequate coverage, plus a film thickness that matches client specifications. Thankfully, this across-the-board inspection method matches end-process visual appearance to the desired physical parameters so that the powder finished product looks good, is armoured with a durable build, and processed with turnkey efficiency.

The best way to realise a customers' potentially exhaustive list of finishing requirements is to create an initial powder coated product. In doing so, hue, opaqueness and gloss are tested and communicated to the customer. The perfect powder coat is then applied repeatedly, with the required number of workpieces exhibiting physical strength, impenetrability, and a properly judged visual character. Thanks to the "seed" or prototype run, the primary process run becomes a quality-assured success, a project batch that's as uniformly well finished as it is internally durable.

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