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How to Maintain Powder Coated Surfaces

October 24, 2018

Undeniably tough and long-lasting, there are few outside barrages that can impact a powder coated surface. Time, however, is one such assailant, one that can't be avoided. Imagine this scenario: a seaside resort has several attractive powder coated products on display. Salt is accumulating on the objects, and they're starting to show signs of wear. Without a maintenance policy in place, that salty deposit is going to cause problems.

Maintaining Powder Coated Surfaces

If those parts are attached to the deck of a seagoing sailboat, salty deposits are unavoidable. The salt performs its corrosive actions, the formerly tough coating starts breaking down, and the durable membrane is compromised. Every now and again, use a wet sponge to wipe away accumulated grime and salt. If the powder coated parts are deck components, then shorten the time between maintenance periods, for the coatings are eternally under attack. Ultimately, we collectively look at black blotches, stains and muck, only to label the stuff universally as "dirt." Who knows what acidic or corrosive substances are embedded in the filth. Clean the component surfaces to restore their intrinsic good looks, but also clean the accumulated masses because they may, over time, be eating into the durable shell of the powder coated skin.

Determining Maintenance Tactics

When a magic wet sponge isn't enough, we need to buckle down. Call in a plastic-bristled abrasive brush. Use the sponge and warm water to soften up the accumulated salt and grime, then use the soft-bristled brush to further displace the muck. A pH-neutral detergent is advisable here, but the formula should be compatible with the finish. Better yet, an approved cleaning formula works wonders here, with its residue-less chemical base guaranteeing purer, fresher results. Then, when all of the accumulated and encrusted muck is slipping free, rinse the surfaces with clean, mineral-free water. Don't use solvents, alcohol or any other harsh cleansers when cleaning powder coated surfaces.

If this advanced coating technology experiences mild wear, it's not too late to take action. The lustre has gone, the gloss is slipping away, but there are products that can save the day. Special powder coating-compatible waxes and polished are designed to restore that lost shine. Again, not every product fits the desired application. For example, most matte coatings and silk coatings, too, don't respond well to finish polishing products. The wax exists only to rejuvenate lost glossy coatings and to counter light-to-moderate surface damaging effects. Incidentally, some of those waxes and polishes contain UV (Ultraviolet) protection formulas. If a finish is constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, consider this UV inhibiting option.

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