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Important Things to Keep in Mind Prior to Ordering Your Powder Coating Oven

December 13, 2018

To pull off the best possible results, novice powder coating businesses need access to state-of-the-art curing ovens. All things considered, this is the biggest investment a new company can make. By ordering a branded, consummately capable piece of fluidizing equipment, the odds of a perfectly cured finish are heightened astronomically. Keep that assertion foremost in mind, for here come the factors that determine the cardinal product ordering features.

How Long Does It Take To Cure Powder Coated Workpieces?

This figure changes dynamically according to the powder coating medium, the baking temperature, and several other curing factors. Time/Temperature curves can be used to determine this key value. Using a thermal profiling datapaq, software and hardware measurement systems monitor temperature sensors. The software logs thermal profiles, it compares the data to sets of stored heat curves, and it concludes its work by producing a uniquely specific time/temperature profile that will maximize each project's powder fluidizing sequence.

Determining Tailor-Made Oven Features

Prior to ordering the oven, what factors impact the oven's innermost layout? What are the dimensions of the processed workpieces? Are they arriving on hooks or attached to some specialized parts mounting system? To dimensionally size the interior space, the size of the parts and the mass of the mounting system must add up to a batch-processing volume that doesn't exceed the thermal capacity of the furnace's heating elements. Furthermore, the heating elements, whether they're electric, gas-fueled, or infrared lamps, they must evenly distribute thermal energy in and around the curing components. If a project's part's architecture is complex and marked by several occluded zones, a hybrid model will likely be favoured because directly radiated thermal energy cannot reach those obstructed zones.

Adding a Supplementary Airflow Management System

Just as welcome as a hybrid oven, advanced air management systems evenly apportion hot air to the furthest, most recessed corners. Convected thermal energy penetrates and melts the powder coating, so even a geometrically intricate component gains a beautifully fluidized and cured finish. Again, it's the characteristics of the powder coating medium and the shape of the workpiece that dictate those oven-specific features. Without such supplementary system assets, newly equipped powder coating businesses run the risk of purchasing a curing setup that's not up to the job at hand.

This sequence is like no other. The oven doesn't just activate, cook the powder, and then switch off while the next workpiece approaches. There are dwell times and oven cycle periods to assess. Does the equipment have a preheat setting or a variable convection fan? Finally, to really maximize curing power, consider purchasing a hybrid model, plus a digital datapaq. For that latter item, its thermal profiling software really can make the difference between a substandard operation and a perfectly cured product.

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