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Improving Uniform Transfer Efficiency of Powder Coating Guns

March 29, 2018

Electrostatic spray guns rely on a delicate balance. Pressure variables and particulate flow rates dominate that relationship. Check out the tubes entering the handle. There's a powder feed line there, plus an electrical cable. An air compressor hose is in the mix, too. As the gun is triggered, pressurized air fires the balanced powder load towards a grounded workpiece. Measured in terms of uniform transfer efficiency, the system is in a state of equilibrium.

System Equilibrium: Transfer Efficiency Basics

Transfer efficiency is a number, a percentage rating that gauges how well the spray coats its target. In this waste-to-usage ratio, the gun is triggered, then the part to be coated is uniformly sprayed until a fine film blankets all exposed surfaces. A proportion of that powder misses the workpiece and ends up squandered. Ideally, more powder overlays the part, so this wastage ratio remains low. Then, expressed as a percentage, we can say transfer efficiency is high, perhaps as high as ninety-eight percent. Imagine what a near one-hundred percent rating does for the operation. Instead of using two-passes, instead of recycling the waste, the work concludes as a uniformly transferred first-pass, a powder coated finish that saves time and money.

Improving Uniform Transfer Efficiency

The projected powder coating material flies through the air, it's attracted electrostatically to the part, and there's no overspray, no waste. Maximize first-pass transfer efficiency by following these instructions. First of all, regulate that balanced gun load. The air compressor, voltage settings, and nozzle all require tuning so that an optimized spray cone fires from the gun tip. Furthermore, the workpiece ground has to be resistance tested occasionally. Electrical impedance cannot be allowed at the circuit ground point. Next, the ambient temperature in the powder coating booth must expedite the process. Address this matter by regulating the temperature in the enclosure and removing any excess humidity. Otherwise, the powder will clump and fall short of its target. This strategy also applies to the pressure in the room. A slight positive pressure is best, as this denser air encourages uniform powder coverage while it simultaneously stops airborne contaminants from entering the process.

High-quality powder coating guns naturally feature a higher than average transfer efficiency rating. Equipped with these tools, each undertaken project achieves uniform parts coverage. However, even the finest equipment needs a helping hand. Hold the gun at a predetermined distance, use the correct nozzle for the job, and properly regulate the electrostatic voltage. Lastly, do maintain a temperature-regulated cubicle environment, an area that operates on a lower humidity level.

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