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Maintenance Tips for Powder Coated Metals

August 13, 2018

Batch processed or sourced from a handful of custom-made components, powder coating technology continues to strengthen all kinds of items. The parts exude visual appeal. And, to the touch, they're impervious to damage. On top of these beneficial features, the process imparts a near maintenance-free finish. Still, even high-quality, super-durable coatings need a little tender loving care from time-to-time. Here are a few tips that'll reward that T.L.C.

Avoid Harsh Cleansing Agents

Solvent-based cans of cleaning chemicals are loaded with aggressive compounds. Moreover, solvents are known as a synthetics breakdown agitator. Keep these spray and bottled cleansers far away from a powder coated workpiece. Use warm water, plus a little soap to keep the coating in its glossy prime.

Rinse and Dry

Steel wools and abrasive wipers are out of the question. Likewise, there's no place for a solvent-based cleaner. As mentioned above, soap and water get the job done. Just remember to rinse the soapy fluid off of the powder coated part, then dry it with a clean cloth after the cleaning work is complete.

Remove Accumulated Filth

The beautifully finished part is a motorcycle wheel. It's coated in road-collected muck. For the proactive garage owner, there's a temptation to pull out a wire brush and scour away the worst deposits. Hold back, this isn't the right approach. Wire brushes damage powder coatings. Gently use a soft nylon brush to wipe away the dirt. ,/

Pay Attention to Contaminants

Even plain road dirt can cause damage. The alkaline or acid-loaded stuff is mixed in with automobile oils, which are blended with special additives. Don't let road dirt linger. Worse still, and this incident gets worse in coastal regions, powdery salt deposits will form in high-saline locales. If this is a coastal region, a beach or harbour area, the maintenance work needs to account for this abrasive element.

Employ a Pressure Washing Service

A jet-spray hammers forth from a tiny nozzle. A compressor is located at one end of the hose, a shaped emission nozzle at the other end. When powder coated parts, including fences and gateways, are coated in stubborn dirt or salt, a high-pressure stream of water is the best solution. Just remember to dry the part afterwards.

Powder coated parts arrive with high-quality, long-lasting finishes. However, even the finest coatings can break down over time. Environmental influences partner with time and an abrasive locale to impact the coating. Left unchecked, the durable finish fades and fails. Not to worry, just by incorporating a measure of common sense, plus a few maintenance tips, a powder coated part's lifespan can be extended indefinitely.

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