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Overhead Conveyor and Turn Key System: Safety and Accuracy in Powder Coating

May 11, 2018

A turnkey powder coating system has found its place on a factory floor. There are plastic curtains separating the pre-processing room. In the main processing area, a specially vented booth is engaged in a coating operation. From booth to curing oven, the train of moving workpieces glides forward, all thanks to an overhead conveyor system. Watching this clockwork-precise process, a momentarily unoccupied team member ponders safety issues.

Safely Conveyed At Height

The pre-processed parts are moving overhead. They're out of the way, so space has been recovered on the factory floor. Caught in the shadows of those bulky parts, that team member is wearing his hard hat. All the same, the components are heavy. What if one comes tumbling down on top of some unaware worker? Conveyor catch nets prevent such nasty accidents, plus the fastener hooks add a safety mechanism to the system. Those parts are safely fastened so that they always head directly to the powder coating booth or oven, not ground level zero. Reinforce that safety measure by mounting "Danger: Overhead Conveyor" signs and by always instructing the floor workers about the mandatory hard hat rule. A painted danger zone on the floor also works well. Painted in yellow or red, the lines match the path of the overhead rails.

Talking About Specialist Maintenance Tips

One person's safety benefits are another person's Achilles heel. Granted, ceiling rails are silently guiding those parts towards their equipment stations, plus they're freeing valuable floor space. However, an out of sight, out of mind design approach can backfire horribly when employees are busy. Provide reminders. Keep those safety signs prominently mounted so that everyone remembers a number of heavy parts are moving up near the ceiling. As for problems, even a minor rail jam can cause trouble. For starters, some reckless workers tend to assume the rails must be able to support their weight if they're carrying all of these heavy workpieces. Danger, an overhead conveyor is built to carry a predetermined load, it's not designed to support people. Use scaffolding or ladders to conduct a troubleshooting program.

Extremely accurate in their ballet-like motions, the transported parts are precisely maneuvered by versatile mechanisms. Rotator assemblies spin the parts as they enter the powder coating booths. Further down the curving conveyance line, deadhead switches change product directions while vari-speed controllers help to time the parts as they're suspended in the equipment stations. Finally, these systems use sealed mounts and grease-free components, so there's no way an oily drop can contaminate the powder coated loads.

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