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Powder Coating Aluminium Extrusions

January 15, 2018

Amongst the many aluminium extrusion finishing methods, powder coating technology is recognized as the superior solution. Pick up a pair of safety goggles and watch the intricately profiled objects pass through the powder treatment booth. Even though those long rods have a complex cross-sectional core, the coating medium somehow finds its way into every crevice and sharp turn. Let's restart the equipment and really examine the process.

Engage the Semi-Automated Spray

The aluminium extrusions slide their way into the electrostatic booth on hooks or some specially designed cradle. They're long, slender, and imbued with a geometrically elaborate cross-sectional core. Those parts have been extruded with this labyrinthine profile so that they can be employed in some architectural project as a machined block. Semi-hollow in nature, the perfectly produced piece is still naked. Here's where the powder coating process takes over. Banks of electrostatic spray guns are pushed forward by a mechanical assembly. They evenly coat the entire elongated rod. Alternatively, a single spray head pops forwards, then it runs along a rail. Moving parallel to the extruded part, the sprayed coating is attracted to the shaped surface, where it electrostatically adheres to each and every cross-sectional face.

A Closer Look at Extruded Aluminium

Someone has been kind enough to leave a section of the product out for inspection. It's a curious object. Apparently, a metal billet was rammed through a specially profiled die. Heat and pressure facilitated this process until the billet flowed like toothpaste through a tube nozzle. There are drawbacks to consider at this point, though. Foremost among them, the aluminium is exposed to the elements. It also lacks colour and texture. Liquid paints can be applied as a partial solution, but remember that intricate cross-sectional core. Stretched by the extrusion equipment, that shape covers the entire rod of metal. This is obviously a job that only a powder coating station can properly accommodate, for the powder is so atomized, so evenly distributed as a finely rendered cloud, that it will reach every twist and turn on that shaped machine-formed surface, even when some of those surfaces are partially concealed.

Used to create uniquely profiled metal objects, the aluminium extrusion process is renowned for producing beautifully detailed surface accents. Powder coating technology performs as the ideal service here, one that ensures full surface coverage, even when those surfaces are loaded with incredible details. Furnished with pigments and texture, the sealed objects are pushed into service in many applications. From tubular table elements to architectural accents, the permanently coated and sealed surfaces look attractive and they're now equipped with a toughened material membrane.

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