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Powder Coating Equipment Basic Maintenance Guide

September 13, 2016

Powder coating equipment is technologically advanced, but the gear does require regular maintenance if it's to function at peak efficiency. Otherwise, compressor filters clog, the dry powder becomes polluted, and the finish is corrupted. And this is only one example of what can go wrong when a basic maintenance program is ignored. Keep the gear problem-free by caring for it properly. Use a scheduled preventative maintenance plan.

A Guide to Basic Housekeeping

Begin with visual inspections. The powder coating process uses several discrete stages, so each one must be assessed separately before evaluating everything as a whole. Electrostatic equipment should be checked for loose connections and poor contact points. The guns and hoses are similarly evaluated, so clogs and poor flow issues can be properly addressed before the day's work schedule commences. Finally, the oven is a crucial part of the process. It needs tender loving care, too, which means a close-up look at temperature consistency and airflow uniformity.

Escalating the Maintenance Program

The secret to any workable inspection plan is time management, the ability to apply a certain amount of logistical analysis. In the case of powder coating equipment, normal wear-and-tear develops at a predictable rate, though a few unforeseen problems will always occur. Carry out basic visual and tactile checks at the start of the day's shift, but assign more complex assessments to weekly and bi-weekly inspections. Compressor filters, for example, could be part of the weekly evaluation, for a compromised powder dispersal system will foul the coating. Other weekly, biweekly and monthly system examinations should be applied to bearings, compressor fan belts, and ventilation louvers.

Mandated Fine Tuning and Calibration Checks

The upshot of such a refined finishing methodology is a durable coating, one that will last for many years, but the equipment really does need to be kept at its best if this level of workmanship is to be upheld. Calibrate the oven with a professional-grade temperature probe, and use only the finest replacement filters in the oven and compressor, for system contamination is a process gremlin that can sneak up on even the best-run operation.

Treat the powder coating bay as a clean environment, even though pigment-loaded resins are flying through the air as clouds of powder. That airborne mass is part of a tightly controlled process, after all, but accumulated dirt is not, so really run a clean ship by keeping housekeeping chores as finely regimented as any maintenance program.

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