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Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturer in Victoria: Quality Engineering Design at Its Best

February 29, 2016

When it comes to a powder coating equipment manufacturer, you want the very best. Not only do you need assurance in stability and robustness but a quality engineering design is essential. One of the best and innovative companies in Bayswater, Victoria is G.P. Industries Pty Ltd. They are highly proficient is consultancy, manufacturing, engineering design, repairing and servicing a large variety of machinery. Some of the many devices G.P. Industries services include the following:

  • Total Turn-Key Powder Coating
  • Wet Spray Painting Equipment
  • Industrial Gas Convection
  • Infra-Red Ovens
  • Overhead
  • Cyclones and Conveyors
  • Floor and Free Standings
  • Electrocoat Systems
  • Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment
  • Industrial Washing Machines
  • Dust Collectors
  • Booths
  • Powder and Wet

Powder Coating Equipment

When you are searching for top quality companies that offer products and services, there are certain qualifications to look for. At G.P. Industries, both their products and services conform to current OH & S and Work-Cover requirements plus au statutory AUS/NZ Design Regulations. Actually, in order to provide top notch service they always adhere to the highest standards and qualifications. Their commitment is prevalent in their renowned reputation. In fact, G.P. Industries has been in business since 1973. What is more, they are the largest finishing and powder coating equipment manufacturer in Australia.

Engineering Design

G.P. Industries takes pride in offering a successful operation that produces top quality devices like powder coating equipment. They are always striving to surpass their elite standards in engineering design, expertise and quality. And with more than forty five years of experience and expertise, the original plants still work and produce proficiently.

And above, their design is unsurpassed with cost effective solutions that always conform to statutory compliances. In truth, G.P. Industries is without a doubt, quality engineering design at its best.

Conveyor System

In addition, G.P. Industries has all types of conveyers systems such as power and free systems, the Overhead Conveyor Systems X348 and X458, and a few light weight systems. The type of power conveyor selected is determined by the products weight and size.

Variety of Business

G.P. Industries engineering design services is quite advantageous in a variety of business such as Aluminum Manufacturing, Defense Industries, MDF Powder Coating, Metal Fabrication, Motor Vehicle Industries, Hot Dip Wire Products, Timber Industries and White Good Manufactures.

Many Services

G.P. Industries offers a lot of beneficial services in Victoria that are conducive to numerous businesses. The first initial consultation and quotation is always free. The consultation helps a business develop their product and production needs. A lot of our expertise encompasses minor and major repairs and services for all types of coating equipment. Moreover, G.P. Industries also offers contract maintenance programs.

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