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Powder Coating vs. Anodizing: What is the Difference?

November 22, 2019

All materials and components of equipment, automobiles, and other related things are coated with protective layers to avoid wear and tear in just a short amount of time. Mostly made of different types of metal, the lifespan of these materials last longer when coated than the ones without any protective layers.

The reason why coating is essential with metal materials is that metal alloys can oxidise. Since these materials are exposed to a lot of environmental factors and work pressure, there is a higher chance that they rush and corrode. The corrosion will then result in the unavoidable damage of materials and equipment.

To save equipment and metal components from rusting and deterioration, companies have come up with two ways of coating them.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is done through electrostatically spraying the mixture of resin and fine pigment particles to the surface of metal materials. The spray has to be baked at high temperature for the coating to seal and work effectively. This method can be conducted through the use of an electrostatic gun and powder coating oven.

Powder coating possesses the following advantages and disadvantages:

  • Powder coatings have finishes that come in a wide selection of colours with the inclusion of white. Some coatings even have a deep candy luminescence, and colours can be mixed and combined.
  • This coating can resist fading. However, sunlight, moisture, and oxidation can still penetrate the coating since powder coating is a type of organic coating process. Flaking and peeling are possible with this kind of penetration.
  • Coating with powder can produce a tough and durable quality layer. Corrosion, nevertheless, will start once a portion of the layer breaks off.
  • Any dirt and dust can easily create irregularities on the surface while spraying.
  • Productions of powder-coated materials slow down with heavy orders since ovens for curing can only take a limited amount of equipment per batch.
  • This kind of coating options can create finishes such as simple matt, satin, gloss, super matt, super glossy, and textured finishes.
  • Powder coating is environmentally friendly.


Anodizing is done by penetrating a layer of aluminium oxide directly to the surface of the material. This coating option prolongs the lifespan of material since aluminium oxide has a lot of benefits to the coating itself. The said compound can resist harsh weather conditions that can protect the metal from corrosion and damage. This coating process is done electrochemically.

Just like powder coating, anodizing also share its own pros and cons:

  • With anodizing, you can choose from the basic bright colours for the material in question, although red and purple will bring you poor results.
  • Same with powder coating, anodizing can also resist fading. However, a poor application of anodizing can rapidly cause fading on the entire material.
  • The coating produced by anodizing is engraved to the metal itself, making it difficult to chip, peel, or flake. Scratches are still inevitable, though.
  • Anodizing high-quality smooth surface yields an excellent result when compared to other coating options. But, anodizing is can only do great with materials made up of aluminium.
  • The cleaning option for anodized materials is very straightforward. Water and a mild detergent can restore an anodized material with ease.
  • Matt and polished finishes are the only options for anodized finishes.
  • Anodizing is also environmentally friendly.

Different surface materials require different methods of coating. To know more about the best coating option for your materials, contact us at GP Industries. We specialise in coating equipment and materials suitable for your needs.

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