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Powder Coating Equipment

GP Industries Turn-Key Coating Solutions

For powder and wet spray Systems for all substrates. GP Industries Turn-Key systems work and produce a high quality finish and product.

Turn Key Powder Coating Plant

Turn Key Powder Coating Plant for range hoods

Powder Coating Plant for aluminium extrusions


Pretreatment Plant

The Pretreatment Solutions

GP Industries uses only stainless steel in its range of wash and pretreatment plants. The stainless steel is fully welded. With safe access using fiberglass walkways and full internal lighting and extraction system.

Each tank has stainless steel risers complete with clip on and off spraynozzles. The manifolds are fitted to the pumps by Camloc Quick disconnect fittings. Pumps are fitted with valves entry-exit for isolation and maintenance on both entry and discharge.

The Dry-off Oven

Moisture removal is critical to the process. GP Industries ovens are designed to supply large number of volume air changes with high speed air to evaporate moisture.

Powder Coating Booths

GP Industries Powder Booths are fully manufactured from stainless steel. Each Booth is custom designed to suit the customers working requirements.

Powder Recovery

Powder exhausted from the booth may be recovered by the Cyclone and the reverse pulse filter system or a combination of both. Powder is collected, sieved and returned to the powder hopper ready for reuse.

Cure Oven

The cure oven is designed to provide the product curing requirements ie: time temperature. This will be provided by well engineered air delivery on to the product to allow even cure. The cure oven burner is a suction cone type. To minimize heat loss, Air curtains are installed.


Conveyor System

GP Industries supply all types of Overhead Conveyor Systems X348 and X458 and power and free systems and some light weight systems. The selection of the type of conveyor is based on product size and weight.

Powder coating application equipment

GP Industries works with all Turn-Key Spray equipment supplies to put together the correct Spray Equipment.

Industrial Ovens

GP Industries Ovens – Curing, Drying and Preheating. Our industrial ovens are designed with forty years of expertise and they are still in operation and functioning.


Online Cure Oven Turn-Key

Online Cure Oven and Pretreatment Plant Turn-Key

Dust Collectors & Cyclones

GP Industries dust collectors and cyclones are designed for high efficiency recovery and can be used in powder coating and the abrasive industry.

GP Industries Dust Collectors are a proven well designed and engineered units.

  • Fully automated Pulse solenoid valves and timer blocks and the system operates as in fully automated reverse pulse mode
  • Fans rated and sized correctly with t 12' wg pressure
  • GP Industries guarantees the Filtration efficiency to be exceptional at 99% on 0.5'm Dust particles. Start up efficiency of 99% on 0.2-2'm dust particles reflects highest industry standard (BIA Class C)
  • The dust collectors are designed to exhaust external of the building or through a post filter internal into the factory to prevent dust displacement within the work area.
  • Air receiver are built to Australian pressure vessel standards
  • A hopper is supplied on the base to collect powder under a vacuum seal

GP Industries Cyclones have the following features:

  • Sized correctly to reclaim 90-95% of powder for re-use.
  • Swing out base for easy cleaning.
  • Quick disconnect ductwork for easy cleaning
  • 65 liter hopper supplied to collect dust powder under a vacuum seal
  • Mini cyclone on base to transfer reclaim powder back to powder hopper


Turn-Key Heavy Duty Powder Coating Plant

Dust Collector,Cyclone and Powder Booth for aluminium powder coating

Washing Machines

GP Industries small parts washing machines, electric or gas fired made from materials suitable for the chemical process. Mild steel or stainless steel.


Washing Machine and online 5 stage pretreatment plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Aluminium Chemical Treatment Tanks with walkway and Overhead crane

Aluminium Pretreatment Tanks, Effluent treatment plant and Dying Oven

Aluminium Chemical Treatment Tanks


GP Industries conveyors are designed to suit the product type, size, weight and work function. ie: continuous, stop start, power and free, manual push pull system for overhead and floor function.


Conveyor with complete wet spaying system

Overhead Conveyor and Turn Key System

Conveyor.Complete Turn Key Powder Coating Plant for sheet metal enclosures and cabinets

Powder and Free Conveyor and Turn Key Powder coating Plant for Molnar Hoist

Electrocoat System

Electrocoat Systems

GP Industries designed and manufacture all types of Ecoat and chemical dipping plants to suit your application.