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Purposes of Dry-Off Oven in Powder Coating

June 26, 2018

A dry-off oven is solidly planted at the start of the powder coating line. Is that strange? If ovens are intended to cure and fuse the powder, then shouldn't this big box be located at the end of the process line? Not at all, for dry-off ovens aren't designed to heat and melt electrostatically charged particles. No, these modular fireboxes are built to satisfy an entirely different purpose.

Avoiding Product Clumping

How about drying the workpieces before they enter the powder coating booth? Here's what happens. As a result of all of that parts scrubbing work, the surface metal has accumulated an invisible film of water. Chemical traces and residual humidity are the issues here, and if they're not dealt with, then the powder attraction phase is going to go horribly wrong. The particles bind to the watery traces and clump. A uniformly applied covering becomes next to impossible when residual humidity problems are allowed to go unnoticed.

Install a Dry-Off Oven

If the prep work is really aimed at eliminating filth so that the part's surface is primed for the coating stage, an added layer of filmy water represents something of an ironic process snag. Savvy prep managers take care of such preprocessing problems by installing a special oven at the tail end of the prep room. The workpiece leaves the washing and scrubbing stations, heads into the dry-off stove, and it exits the prep area as an entirely dehumidified component. It's now ready for the electrostatic cubicle. Absolutely liquid-free, the spray guns will produce a fine film of powder, not an ugly clumping effect.

A Smart Preheating Solution

So far, it's the hygroscopic properties of the powder medium that have caused concern. True, the finely grained particles do like to absorb liquids. No worries, the preprocess oven cooks away trace humidity. But dry-off ovens have another feature, one that again preps the part for the powder coating guns. This time, though, the goal is to gently preheat the metal and rid it of trapped gases. Left inside a slightly porous metal part, these trapped gasses can cause a nasty pin-holing effect. Dual-purpose dry-off ovens outgas so that curing ovens don't suffer from this undesirable porosity-related issue.

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