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Purposes of Stainless Steel Powder Coating Booths

June 8, 2018

Stainless steel is a remarkably versatile alloy. It's mechanically strong, obviously, and unaffected by oxidizing agents. Used in kitchens and catering establishments, stainless steel doesn't allow bacterial growths any purchase. Finally, it's an easy to clean metal. On transferring those benefits to powder coating booths, the industry gains a whole lot of material benefits. To begin with, how's that flimsy plastic booth serving the competition?

The Rugged Stainless Steel Option

All plastic powder coating booths look attractive, but it's hard to tell how well the pliable polymer base will react to the pressure changes and forces churning inside the spray area. Granted, plastic is easy to clean and it won't accumulate a charge, but is it a rigid asset? Stainless steel powder coating booths are always durable and rigid. Glancing blows won't warp the metal frame. Likewise, the fluctuating environment in the workshop won't cause a metal panel to buckle. Industrially tough, stainless steel booths are built to take punishment, yet they're as easy to clean as any glossy polymer.

Built as a Modular Construct

Sticking with catering establishments, modular walk-in freezers are the norm in this commercial sector. Meanwhile, in the powder coating industry, these modular constructs assemble quickly, but they lock into that position after the installation process is complete. If a powder recovery fan activates inside the booth, the panelling won't bulge or buckle. No, the metal frame stands solidly while fans, spray guns and conveyed parts are in action. Without a doubt, that stainless steel powder coating booth will become the living backbone of the operation. Sitting next to this rugged construct, a booth made of softer materials is aging badly and falling into disrepair.

Offers System Flexibility

Stick to the small projects when the new stainless steel enclosure is commissioned. Alternatively, an operation can be expanded until it's working on large workpieces. Heavy and swinging on hooks, engine parts or motorcycle components present no problem when the heavy-duty frame is in place. Furthermore, that modular layout facilitates the addition of several alternative venting configurations, so the shop owner won't be weighed down by replacement options, not even after the company has celebrated its tenth year of processing uptime.

Industrially tough and commercially capable, stainless steel powder coating booths are maintenance-friendly enclosures. They seal easily and hold that seal. The metal panels don't bulge, nor do they buckle. And the entire system, packed inside that alloy-reinforced frame, is load-capable. Equip it with more vents and pumps, then add a cyclone-powered powder reclamation system. No matter the number of supplementary parts, that equipment will maintain its reliable operational ways.

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