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Safety and Environmental Advantages of Powder Coating versus Wet Paint

August 31, 2016

It's hard to argue against dry coating technology when it comes to plain-to-see results. The tough shell is mechanically adept and weatherproof, after all, so it's already winning the powder coating versus wet paint battle in terms of superior performance features. But what about safety and environmental advantages? Let's take a look at the Green credentials of the dry finish industry to see if a knockout is in the cards in this one-sided battle.

Weighing Safety Considerations

Powder granules are totally inert and harmless as long as they're not breathed in during the spraying stage. Respirators should be used to prevent inhalation, for the airborne polymers can lodge in the respiratory tract. Otherwise, the cloud of powder doesn't activate until it's passed into the oven, at which point it melts and flows around the treated part.

Wet Paints Contaminate Breathable Air

Unlike inert powder mediums, cans of paint stink to high heaven. The toxic fumes are likely to be inhaled, especially since the unlucky painter is probably stuck in an enclosed room. The effects of breathing these poisonous byproducts are many, which means health risks alarms should be going off (www.symptomfind.com). And, as if health problems weren't bad enough, the percolating cloud will grow in potency if ventilation isn't available. Left unabated, the fumes can ignite, so keep airflow unobstructed. Better yet, opt for a dry finish solution.

Wet Solvents Hurt the Environment

In summary, paint is typically a solvent-based chemical soup, something that gives off dangerous fumes. It's also slow to dry, so expect problems when a fence is being coated in this coloured liquid. Imagine nearby plant life wilting as the paint drips and soaks into the greenery. Also, a pet could lap up the spill and ingest what's essentially a vibrant poison, so keep animals away.

Dry Coatings Support the Environment

The turnkey productivity feature associated with powder technology goes beyond economic viability, for intelligently managed powder work is conducted in specially controlled booths and ovens, places where every work variable is properly regulated. The environment is safe due to this operating ethic, a work setting that uses non-volatile powder and a safely regulated offsite work station.

The fight goes all the way to the final round because paints are a heavily used commodity, but the powder coating versus wet paint fight must conclude with a resounding knockout. And the win goes to the dry finish contender because it's the safety champion with top-class environmental credentials.

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