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The Benefits of Powder Coating in Metal Fabrication

September 19, 2019

Metal surfaces are dense and hard, so do they need the services of a powder coating company? Before answering that question, think about metal weaknesses. Loaded with tensile strength, chemically sensitive alloys can oxidize. Sure, the core structure stays strong, but the surface metal fatigues and loses mechanical resilience. Already, then, two distinctly advantageous features come to mind when a powder coating operation is optioned.

Stripping Away the Metallic Benefits

Let's face it, raw metals, although strong, aren't particularly impressive. As one example of this unadorned truth, iron objects rust. Look at an old-style wrought iron fence. Even coated in thick paint, the metal bulges and splits that enamel coating. An ugly orange-brown powder thrives underneath the painted cladding. Worse than ugly, the underlying metal is being eaten away. Aluminium is a little better. Exposed to air, this lightweight metal forms a protective film of aluminium oxide. However, just by scratching that film, the protection is neutralized. No, without expensive heat treatment work and alloying elements, metal parts are not particularly weather-resistant, nor can they hope to survive in a more abrasive locale.

Surface-Strengthened Powder Coated Films

Remember, there are two benefits to go over here. First, rain and briny atmospheres damage surface appeal. Even shiny aluminium surfaces dull because the oxide coating adds greyness to the metal. With iron, well, the issue is compounded. Not only does the surface appearance degrade, but the metal also erodes. It peels away and flakes off until the alloy's tensile strength becomes severely compromised. By applying a powder-coated finish, alloy surface looks are protected. That means even an atmospherically sensitive metal like aluminium can shine all day long, even when placed in a marine environment. Moreover, looking at iron now, metals can't erode when they're powder finished.

Weighing the Finishing Options

Again, painted protection is an option, but paint can age, plus it'll conceal a desired metallic sheen. Electroplating operations are another possibility, as are heat treatment processes, but they're both expensive and time-consuming solutions. Used as a win-win metal preserving option, one that offers turnkey potential, powder coating services provide a dry finishing system that'll bring out the best in a metal object. Better yet, as well as providing weather and saltwater protection, powder coated and oven cured finishes come in a whole host of colours and textures, including the ones that show off an alloy part's surface appeal.

Metal parts gain an inviolable surface finish when they're powder coated. No matter how harsh the weather, how salty the air, the metal won't erode or lose its lustre. Consequently, corrosion-prone alloy parts look uniformly brilliant. Beyond good looks, colours and custom-ordered hues are entirely optional, too. And remember, this is a turney operation, so there are no days of waiting to see if a costly electroplating or heat treatment process has yielded good results.

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