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The Critical Role of Dry-Off Oven in Turn Key Powder Coating System

January 25, 2020

There are a lot of ways in providing metal products some colour and coating. One of the most common ways is to coat them with special paints. However, a rising way in colouring metal products is through powder coating. This type of coating is proven to provide long-lasting and tough final finish to the products.

The Rising Popularity of Powder Coating

Powder coating has become more popular since it offers a wide variety of colour options. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and can yield faster curing duration than other types of coating processes. To make powder coating possible, a turn-key powder coating system is used to process everything. 

One crucial step before a product is coated with powder is the elimination of moisture. The need to remove moisture makes the dry-off oven a vital component before coating a product with powder.

The Significance of Dry-Off Oven

As the name implies, a dry-off oven will dry your parts and products right after they finish any pre-treatment process. This drying process is important since materials or parts that undergo powder coating are electrostatically charged and sprayed with finely ground particles of pigment and resin. The presence of any moisture and other wet elements on your product can somehow ruin its attachment to the powder coating.

Most of the time, products that will undergo powder coating came from the washer for the pre-treatment process. Since not all products are made the same, some of them would have hidden recesses that can amass water from the washer. The dry-off oven will help displace cupped water, remove water vapour, and eventually dehydrate the water found on the pre-treated products. 

Dry-off ovens that energy-efficient operate at a lower heat compared to a curing oven. However, the residual heat in the part from the dry-off oven can eventually promote film build or increase coating thickness of the powder. So watch out for the overheated parts since they can pose a problem during the whole powder coating process.

The time of dry-off per product varies according to its type. The drying process is accomplished by holding the conveyor carriers in the oven until the desired drying time is met. This specific process is facilitated by the power and free conveyor through accumulating the products loads sideways in the oven. Moreover, a separate conveyor drive is designed for the dry-off oven so that the operating speed is different from the painting operation. To improve accessibility and reliability during worst-case scenarios, the pneumatic devices for switches and stops within the oven are all installed outside the hot chamber.

A dry-off oven has been useful in powder coating application for different types of products. If ever you want to have your own dry-off oven for your business, you can contact us now at GP Industries.

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