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The Importance of Design Precision and Quality in Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturing

August 12, 2016

Generic tools are picked up for a pocketful of dollars when a business venture aims low. The likely setup incorporates a vehicle, a pile of paint cans, and some fair-to-middling brushes. A precision-imbued powder coating operation sidesteps this amateurish business model, for high-quality equipment is needed to assure a superior finish.

Investing in The Future

Arguably speaking, a prospective business venture can set up a coating booth and an oven inside a small garage. The electrostatic charger, a compressor, and some powder coating guns finish the setup, but it's unlikely to be a profitable endeavour. Instead, a diligent attitude absolutely decrees a high-caliber shop setting, a place that's equipped with the finest gear.

Why is Design Precision Important

This work employs a sizeable chunk of science, as proven by the beautiful results. No single technology rules here, not when several engineering processes balance the work, so top-notch equipment is the only way forward. The balance incorporates electrostatic charges and thermostatically controlled ovens, the key pieces that assure a hard membrane bakes in place. There's simply not one part of the work that's less important than the next, so a weak link cannot be allowed. Every electrostatic gun must function optimally, as must the heat-distributing elements inside the finishing oven. Like a finely performed play, the parts all have a major role, including the compressor and the power supply that generates the initial charge.

Powdery Mediums Rely on the Right Tools

In taking advantage of the full features of a chemically adept powder, the equipment fully actualizes the compound. Every pigment-laden particle is properly heated to the correct temperature. Simultaneously, this electronically-guided thermal control feature properly releases special additives so that the part is gifted with texture. In this way, the toughened membrane is classed as mechanically strong. It's also now capable of defeating abrasive impacts while rainwater and ultraviolet radiation bounce off the thin coating. Again, these multiple finishing attributes can only be properly guaranteed by purchasing quality equipment.

In conclusion, it's almost unfair to call a superior powder finishing operation a coating. It's more like a shell or a membrane, a finish that tightly conforms to a part's every contour. A professional operation should always seek out a branded manufacturer, someone who is known to produce the finest gear. The purchase may be harder on the wallet at first, but the better equipment should be viewed as an investment, a proactive strategy that targets the best possible impenetrable finish.

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