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The Importance of Engineering Design in Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturing

August 27, 2018

As a whole-system process, powder coating technology consistently produces chip and scratch resistant finishes, which are also extraordinarily attractive. Imagine that eminently serviceable configuration on a node-to-node scale. Tightening a critical eye on a single piece of equipment, it's clear that those results are heavily influenced by equipment manufacturers, who use cutting-edge engineering design mastery to maintain a high level of end-quality finesse.

System Redundancy as a Quality Metric

Let's clarify a few things. First of all, it's becoming harder to find single-stage powder coating equipment. A single-stage pre-treatment washer would operate at or near full efficiency, but a three-stage model absolutely assures a contaminant-free workpiece. Granted, the first or second wash probably got the component mostly clean, but a powder coating shop isn't interested in "probably" or "mostly." No, the three-stage cleaners and forced air dryers in this environment use engineering design methodologies to absolutely assure the desired solution.

Quality-Assured Manufacturing Excellence

Taking a contrary approach for one moment, imagine the results of a powder coating operation in a workshop that doesn't believe in engineering design principles. The powder sags because a substandard power unit is providing the electrostatic charge. The workpiece is almost clean, and the grounding clamp is almost anchored properly. But the powder is sagging. There's one, maybe two coverage defects popping up, even if it's on every second piece. The powder coating operation is in full flow, but, clearly obvious now, there's no consistency to the process. Importantly, repeat customers don't come back if they don't believe their contractor can offer consistent results.

Manufacturing Equipment: You are the Weakest Link

It's not that engineering design rules demand homogenized equipment groups. Quite the opposite, in fact, every piece of equipment in the operation should be built to an exacting standard, be branded, and should be backed up by multi-stage systems, just like the three-stage washers mentioned earlier. In this way, there can be no weak link in a strong equipment manufacturing chain. Pre-production stages adhere to this principle, as do the contamination control and powder reclamation systems that form secondary but still essential processing sub-branches in that primary chain.

Importantly, and this single feature is telling, powder coating technology is not a purely aesthetically oriented industry. With painting, a contractor can maybe get away with a poorly covered workpiece, although there's corrosion to look forward to in the not so distant future. For powder finishing work, however, the process promises a finish that's as tough as it is good looking. A sound workflow helps here, but only businesses that source top-notch equipment manufacturers can promise a much-desired reliability factor, one that assures process consistency.

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