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The Main Benefits of Using the Powder Coating System

November 20, 2015

When evaluating the key advantages of a powder coating system, the results of even the most diligently conducted study can become entangled, obscured by an ocean of second-string traits. It's just that there are so many benefits to the system, gains that highlight a smorgasbord of advantages. Let's bring these clouded benefits into focus and infuse these primary features with a dose of weighty prominence, lifting these primary characteristics into the light.

Taking the Technical Perspective

As the terminology suggests, a powder coating system uses a dry finish process. There's no toxic solvent-based or water-based compounds playing host to a suspended mass of coloured particles. Instead, a controlled environment uses special electrostatic technology to coat a component and hold the powder in place. Once placed in a large oven, the powder melts and flows across the entirety of a surface, hardening into an inviolable shell. Therefore, the first and greatest advantage has to be the application technique, a technically advanced process that fuses the hardened finish to components that possess contrasting geometrical profiles. Progressing in a logical chain of thought from this controlled setting, we also realize the next important aspect of the process. Powder coating work takes place in a sealed chamber, a fact that equals instant environmental protection. The dry finish is completed before the part ever leaves the factory, meaning there's no wet paint fumes and no dripping solvents, nasty chemical products that would poison a garden or home.

Delivering a Superhero's Invulnerable Skin

A powder coating system will never create the next bulletproof superhero, of course, but this dramatic opening title does illustrate the next key feature of the system. Old coatings are corrosion "time bombs," permeable finishes that drink water and breathe salty air. This "painted" finish will corrode, and that corrosion will weaken the underlying metal. Ugly orange powder splits this substandard veneer, opening the unfinished metal to the elements. A powder coated finish is invulnerable to the weather and won't corrode. Vehicle parts can therefore be dry finished and released to the outside with confidence. A thin skin of stylishly reflective powder coating will comprehensively seal automotive parts, protecting exhaust pipes and wheel rims while simultaneously creating a sexy customized look. Additionally, the skin is as tough as nails, able to take the occasional knock without cracking or warping. This invaluable feature also applies to hail and day-to day road hazards, such as gravel thrown up by a nearby wheel, the abrasive wear of dust and sunlight, and the wind-blown sand that flies across the desert.

Main features notwithstanding, we don't want to conclude on a clinical note. Do remember the above attributes but associate them with the versatile nature of incorporated pigments, bright and colourful finishes that can deliver a rainbow of hues and textures.

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