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The Significance of Powder Coating Ovens in Automotive Manufacturing

November 6, 2019

Traditionally, automotive industries have been using liquid coating technique to wrap and paint important car parts. This conventional method has a lot of drawbacks, which often make suppliers and consumers go back and ask for another set of coating. But with the rising popularity of the powder coating technique, it is safe to say that this technique can bring huge advancements to automotive manufacturing.

Powder coating is done by electrostatically spraying the mixture of resin and fine pigment particles to the surface of materials that are usually made of metal. The powder-coated material is then heated to cure the sprayed particles. This method can be applied through the use of an electrostatic gun, specifically adapted electrostatic discs, and powder coating oven.

Over time, famous automotive manufacturers have started to use powder coating ovens as an alternative to the liquid coating method. Powder coating ovens greatly benefit automotive manufacturing industries due to the following reasons:


Powder coating ovens can produce uniform surface layers to materials that are long-lasting, economical, and durable. In spray and liquid painting, only the bottom layer of the paint is firmly attached to the material surface, which causes other layers to wear off easily. With spray painting ovens, all the coating found on the bottom to the topmost layer shares the same strong properties and quality.


The colour options of powder coating ovens are plentiful. Aside from a wide range of colours, automotive manufacturers have the option to customise the finish of the colour. The material surface may be glossy, flat, fluorescent, clear, hammer toned, or glittered. Also, the texture of the colour can range from smooth to wrinkled, and matte to rough. Due to the delicate nature of the powder coating method, these colours are meant to stay on the material for a very long time.


Automotive manufacturers cater to a lot of consumers daily. Fortunately, powder coating method requires a shorter time to cure, process, and dry a powder-coated material. This is around 80% less than the time required for liquid coating, making a significant boost to the manufactured products in a single day.


A powder coating oven doesn’t need to use solvents for it to maintain the coating suspension. This makes the equipment free from volatile organic compounds (VOC), making this a safe and more environment-friendly option in doing coating works. Additionally, powder coating ovens don’t have any waste materials since they maximise all the compounds used. These also emit less carbon dioxide when compared to equipment used for liquid coating.

Powder coating ovens can be used in a wide range of auto parts and components such as door handles, trailer hitches, roof racks, wheels, grills, fuel filters, battery trays, shock absorbers, engine block casings, brake pads, bumpers, radiators, and many more. If you want to know more, GP Industries can help you find the best powder coating equipment for your business.

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