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Things to Look for When Buying Powder Coating Ovens

August 14, 2017

A feature-rich powder coating oven is a major investment. Granted, the voltage-regulated gear has deftly applied the particulate matter, but if it doesn't cure evenly, what's the point? Located at the end of the process, every other stage counts on that uniformly applied heat, on a thermal envelope that invariably produces a perfectly cured protective membrane. Of those features, which ones determine the qualities on that new curing oven?

Powder Coating Ovens: What to Look For

A cooked joint of meat pops out of a domestic oven, and we don't care if it isn't browned evenly. Obviously, then, domestic appliances don't work here, not in a process that requires a uniform heat envelope. That means the heat source has to maintain the temperature, plus that heat must reach every nook and cranny in the workpiece. Secondly, there can be no heat leakage zones in a superior powder coating oven, for these cool spots will corrupt an optimally managed thermal profile. In other words, the prospective oven needs a reliable layer of insulation.

Technological Features

Infrared lamps, as covered in past articles, provide a powerful, energy efficient route to hardening the powder coated membrane, but there are disadvantages to a pure light-activated curing system. Notably, direct heat application methods can't reach the concealed geometry on a complex part. If the workshop is expected to handle increasingly complex workpieces, consider a robust combined curing oven, an oven that combines convection heating and infrared technology so that the thermal stage delivers consistently superior finishes, even when the geometry of the part contains concealed surfaces. Of course, a technologically advanced powder coating oven doesn't stand on a single pillar, one that's based solely on heating features. There's also the question of airflow velocity, so do look for an appliance that's equipped with a solid airflow velocity strength rating.

The technology features continue apace, but a smart buyer can easily extrapolate the needs for an accurate digital control panel, plus an equally precise thermostat. What about the oven housing? There are certifications and labels that help bias the equipment towards commercial or industrial applications, yet where's the harm in inspecting that robust build with an independent eye? Is the frame built from a rugged stainless steel material? What about gaskets and door frame hinges? This is likely to be a repeatedly used piece of equipment, so the access doors must prove themselves before they're called into service. Strong engineering elastomers and brawny access hinges, plus a tough door clasp keep the enclosure snug and sealed during the curing process.

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