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Turn Key Powder Coating Equipment: Customised Solution for All Powder Coating Needs

January 15, 2019

As a review, turnkey powder coating systems earn that title by including every process-completing piece of machinery. From the powder coating booths and electrostatic power sources to the fluidizing and curing ovens, a full-solution package must include those key application and finishing nodes. Better yet, for the ultimate in customizability, the tooling floodgates need to open wider. Getting down to brass tacks, tailor-made coatings require scores of powdery alternatives.

Unlimited Powder Coating Opportunities

What are the possible options? A moderately capable powder coating system delivers turnkey impact. The delivery mechanism is there, as is a capable powder reclamation function, a workpiece conveyance system, and a top-of-the-line curing oven. However, there's a process bottleneck choking the operation. Simply put, the main office has an in-tray full of customizable powders, but this particular equipment configuration is limited by its own primary design feature. What can we learn from this mistake? Well, turnkey equipment packages should incorporate whole-system configurations, but those system layouts still have to possess room for creative flair.

Bringing In Powder Coating Flair

To employ the latest exotic polymer mixes and texturizing additives, the powder coating guns arrive with a case-full of accessory nozzles. Now the process can control all kinds of powders. A matching air compressor allows more flow variability. As for the electrostatic charging gear, the power source and supplementary circuit parts are expected to handle all possible projects, so the charge cycles must be controllable. They must regulate the electrical charge so that differently shaped particles adhere properly to all kinds of exotically shaped workpieces. In effect, a turnkey equipment package includes all of the necessary powder coating nodes, but it's a more sophisticated, customizable setup, not some overly homogenized setup that's designed to get the job done quickly.

An All-In-One Turnkey Solution

A streamlined operation is desirable. A barebones powder coating shop can focus on a certain market niche, then they can add customizable options as the company grows in stature. Electively, turnkey systems should include room for expansion. A powder coatings booth offers modular expandability when this path is taken. Oven modes, conveyance scalability, pool or spray-gun swap out adaptability, the advanced system parts increase finishing options. Indeed, the power to meet all powder coating needs is found in a full-package solution that can adapt as quickly as the speed the equipment accepts a newly sourced powder medium.

All things considered, inexpensive turnkey powder coating equipment reduces company startup times. It's a quick and easy option, but it's not always the most flexible choice. To deliver full workpiece customization power, an all-in-one package should include different voltage settings, nozzle types, oven curing modes, and more.

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