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What are the Benefits of Custom Powder Coating?

March 15, 2016

A handful of factors dominates the powder coating industry. We speak of the strength of the process, the ability to form an unbreakable barrier around a component, say an engine part. We follow this major benefit with corrosion-resistant characteristics and the fact that this is a dry process, so the environment is saved from the dripping of wet chemicals. What hasn't received attention is how custom powder coating is revolutionising specialty areas of the industry. Customers have limitless designer options when adding the finish. Colours are the first choice, obviously, but pigmentation changes are supported by the addition of numerous finishes.

A Finish that Looks Amazing

The coatings are changed in the powder stage by incorporating additives into the mix. It's the additives that create an individualised form, one that shows off enhanced reflectivity or a chrome-like lustre. Alternatively, the reflection component in the mix can be tuned to exhibit a matte finish or a hammered texture. Decorative and appealing, the durable coating is still every bit as hard as the non-textured variant, but delicate looks are enhanced by a chip-resistant feature that just wouldn't be possible in a comparable off-the-shelf spray paint.

Introducing New Custom Powder Coating Options

The application of the finish on any particular component is an exercise in electrostatic wizardry, with a finishing move that incorporated oven hardening. Conversely, the formulations that shape the tiny pigmentation capsules have more in common with chemistry than anything else. Additives rule in this powdery domain, and new additives are really offering some compelling reasons to switch over to this specialised finishing technique. For example, a typical custom finish changes the hue of the product, alters reflectance and reflectivity, and it even changes the feel of the dry coating, but there's more. New antimicrobial coatings incorporate special compounds that weaken microbial growths, meaning this particular finish would be ideal for catering appliances and hospital fixtures, places where such growths can and do cause harm.

Other additives also change the chemical makeup of the finish but do so in a more conventional manner. UV protection can be enhanced. The formula can also be applied for other purposes. A thicker application, for instance, is a smart addition for those who live close to the ocean. Salt air corrodes, but an extra dose of weatherproofing defeats the corrosive atmosphere, making this particular custom powder coating variant a sensible match for maritime applications. Robust and impenetrable, each tailored finish thus ideally suits its application.

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