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Why Is Powder Coating a Sustainable Option?

June 17, 2019

Since we understand now how detrimental certain products are to have in our homes, businesses and other parts of our lives, there is a movement toward using more eco-friendly, alternative finishing techniques. Even various authoritative organisations are tightening up on the regulations as to what we can use when constructing buildings, cars and other useful elements along with their finishes, which increases the pressure to turn to the above alternatives. One product that is coming to the forefront of this movement is the powder coating. We explain the following reasons why this coating is the sustainable option to enhance and/or protect a variety of items.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating consists of a free-flowing powder that is applied in a dry form. Consider it the pigment part of paint prior to the addition of a solvent. This coating is electrostatically applied and oven-cured to form a hard skin, usually on metal products such as appliances, building materials and vehicles just for three examples. However, other applications for it also are being explored today.

Why Is Powder Coating Sustainable and Eco-Friendly?

One reason that powder coating is considered environmentally friendly and sustainable is the fact that unlike liquid paints, it does not contain solvent or contain any volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Also, this coating does not contain hazardous air pollutants or HAPs. It does not emit any noxious gas into the air that can cause respiratory issues. Powder coating is healthier and safer not only for these reasons, but also it is so since it is non-flammable.

Powder Coating Provides a Durable Finish

Due to the fact that powder coating is baked on to an intended surface, it becomes a part of it instead of sitting lightly on the surface in the way that paint does on surfaces. For this reason, it outperforms paint and resists scratching, chipping, flaking or other issues. In addition, it stands up in a superior way under exposure to UV rays, heat and moisture.

Packaging and Transportation Costs Are Less With Powder Coating

Another way that powder coating is sustainable is that it requires a lighter-weight packaging than paint or other finishes do, which in turn helps lower transportation costs. The price of the coating may even be less due to this.

For further details about why powder coating is the sustainable option, turn to GP Industries. We provide a wide selection of powder coating equipment to apply this eco-friendly finish in a quality and an efficient fashion. Also, we offer industrial ovens, washing machines, dust collectors and cyclones, electrostatic systems and conveyors for your consideration.

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