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Why Is Powder Coating More Budget Friendly and Efficient Compared To Regular Painting?

December 15, 2015

A categorical rivalry exists amongst today's high-end finishing techniques. The grudge match puts traditional wet paints in one corner, emulsified coatings that still have a great deal of fight in their liquid form, but the dominant corner holds the barely restrained new champion, a newcomer in the shape of powder coating technology. More efficient to apply and undeniably more cost-effective to purchase, the powder solution is the heavyweight in this battling metaphor.

Economic Reclamation

Use a standard can of emulsified paint and feel that familiar inner grimace when you see the waste. The paint drips and messes the floor. Drop sheets have to be arranged to catch the waste. Tapes and sheets of paper stop the wet emulsion from going all over the place. Even when applied on a garden fence, the wet stuff drips and poisons the ground. Conversely, there is no waste product to dispose of or clean up when you opt for a powder solution. The powder is electro-statically compelled to adhere only to the surfaces being coated. Between 60-70 percent of the fine particulate matter quickly coats a surface, and, even when accounting for the lost 30 percent, the loss is efficiently absorbed back into the process by reclaiming any overspray.

Finite Film Control

Wet paint takes time to dry and adds time to a coating project, which represents an obvious loss of efficiency, but there are other less obvious productivity gains to be explored. For instance, the only way to control paint application is to mix the paint or thin it until the wet compound roughly fits client specifications. You could try varying brushes for a little additional control, of course, but this methodology in no way compares to the supreme command over the efficient application of a powder coating solution. The density of the electrostatic field is adjustable, meaning the film can be precisely managed, and this applied shell of dry material always uniformly coats even the most eccentric profile. Next, batch processing and partial automation increases product completion speed while keeping the process consistent across the board. This reliability factor has driven down the cost of the technology and put the process well within the reach of companies on a budget.

Efficiency is the name of the game when we talk of modern powder coating facilities. A single door, single chamber layout suits most businesses, allowing the process to flourish as a highly efficient, supremely repeatable one-button operation. Of course, a great deal of expertise does rule this environment. The operator skilfully adjusts the electrostatic controls and the powder medium, conscientiously assuring clients of the inherent efficiency gains incorporated within the process.

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